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Announcement! BioPuppy 2.0 is Here!

Tremendous support for the first version of BioPuppy Linux from all over the world, now We are pleased to announce to you that the second version of BioPuppy is available from today! It’s focused on the basic bioinformatics people’s needs. We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. Check the features page for what is new in BioPuppy 2.0. The latest version of BioPuppy 2.0 size is 267 MB.

1.Download BioPuppy2.0 ISO

2.Burn your Biopuppy CD

After the ISO file has finished downloading, you will have to burn the file to a CD. The ISO file will usually require a special application to burn. Click the link below to find detailed instructions.

3.Use BioPuppy 2.0

When the CD is ready, simply put it in your CD drive, restart your computer. Later, You can install Biopuppy Linux OS from LIVE Biopuppy into your Hard disk or USB FLASH drive or any other memory devices like CF cards, DOMs,.etc.

We request you to send your valuable feedback to us either by BioPuppy mailinglist or from our feedback form.

What’s new in BioPuppy 2.0

    » Latest Linux kernel version on Puppy Linux 4.2.1
    » Updated versions of Bioinformatics tools
    » Gromacs, R, Bioconductor, Biofox, Biobar, Adun, and Artemis are added in Biopuppy 2.0. Please refer
    » Two windows managers: JWM(Default) and IceWM
    » Desktop widgets (weather, battery, wireless, calendar, RSS feed, slideshow) provided by Pwidgets

What is Biopuppy

BioPuppy is a minimal Linux OS and electronic workbench for bioinformatics and computational biology. It has been designed to meet the needs of beginners, learners, students, staff, and Research scholars. BioPuppy is available as a live CD cum installation CD [and in USB Pen drive] and containing all the required software to boot the computer with ready-to-use bio-informatics tools. BioPuppy is based on Puppy Linux. Another objective of this BioPuppy is portability and small in size. Our estimated size of BioPuppy is ~250MB.