BioPuppy contribution

The BioPuppy project always welcomes new contributors. Whether you are a seasoned developer or you have never written a line of code in your life, you can probably find some way to contribute to and improve BioPuppy Linux.

About BioPuppy Linux community

We are a small team working for this BioPuppy Linux. We are also providing seminars, Workshops, Training Programs, and promoting Open Source & Linux for students, staff, and Research scholars. If you are interested to conduct any one of the programme in your Institution/University, please contact us.
However, We have created a community mailing list to interact with all the contributors & other BioPuppy users to share their knowledge and experience. We are ready to help you in any format. Join us!

BioPuppy Contributors

  1. Prakash A S, Co-ordinator
  2. Palanikannan K, Team Member
  3. Rajadurai C P, Team Member
  4. Naga Vignesh G, Team Member

If you are interested to contribute to BioPuppy Linux and become one of our BioPuppy team, please contact us.

How to contribute to BioPuppy

Technical-Linux :

This level of contribution involved in coding part, puppy package creation, maintain repository,.etc.

Technical-Bioinformatics :

This level of contribution involved in analysis bio info tools, writing exercise programs for each tool, tools supporting,.etc.

Non-Technical :

Preparing documentation and promoting BioPuppy Linux in academic areas.