Sirius red total collagen detection kit

Sirius red total collagen detection kit

Assay kit utilizing the Sirius Red dye that can detect total collagen content in solubilized collagen samples and cell culture media (collagen concentrating steps may be necessary). Sirius Red dye binds specifically to the [Gly-X-Y] helical structure of fibrillar collagen.

Sirius red is a unique dye that specifically binds to [Gly-X-Y] n helical structure on fibrillar collagen (type I to V) and does not discriminate between species and types of collagen. Therefore, this kit is designed to detect the total collagen content in various samples.

Chondrex, Inc. provides Sirius Red Collagen Detection Kit for various samples containing collagen, such as tissue samples, cell culture cultured cells, and media. The total working time of the assay is less than 30 minutes and 40 samples can be measured in duplicate. Due to the low level of collagen in cell culture media, additional concentration steps may be necessary.

To determine the collagen levels of individual species or different types of samples, we recommend our collagen type I detection kits. (Catalog # 6012-6016, 6019, 6021) and the Collagen Type II Detection Kit (Catalog # 6018). For convenience, the same sample preparations can be used for both collagen detection ELISA kits and Sirius red collagen detection kit.

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